Clean Air is your right and it’s our mission to provide it to you


Our Story

At YOGa, we believe that clean air is not a luxury, but your birthright. That's why in 2010, our founder, Mr. Sachin Panwar, set out on a mission to make clean air accessible to everyone. Over the years, we have worked with prestigious organizations such as CPCB at Delhi High Court, PMO, Parliament House, and FICCI. We even partnered with Samsung India to design filtration technology that meets WHO standards. Today, YOGa is the preferred choice of lakhs of people at home and offices, including expats visiting India.

Today, YOGa is the preferred choice of lakhs of people at home and offices, including expats visiting India.

The YOGa Journey


YOGa was conceptualised

YOGa started as a concept of personalised breathing zones.


Most promising idea - IIT & IIM

Our Air-Pollution-free spaces won a promising idea award from E-Cell at IIT Delhi & IIM Ahmedabad.


Y-CAB Trials begin

YOGa started providing complete IAQ management, including consultancy, monitoring, HVAC projects, and smart solutions for homes/offices as CAB trials begin.


YOGa is officially registered

In 2019, we commercialised our research projects under the registered entity "YOGAN Solutions Pvt. Ltd."


Y-CAB Sales gets started

Onboarded residences and institutions for Y-CAB. Large-scale exposure control validation was completed in different types of buildings.


Provisional Patents filed

Provisional Patents filed as R&D for plug-n-play products begin, along with B2B and real estate project execution. 2 Patents granted to subsidiary.


New Product Launches & Patents

Completed Validation Study for DG Emission Control. Acquired 2 new Patents. Launched 3 new Products. Created 1000+ YOGa Clean Air Bubbles.


Expansion and New Avenues

Expansion of operations to several Indian metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Surat, and Hyderabad.

Our Clients breathe the same Clean air as we do

Trust is a two-way street. If we’re asking for it from you, you’re getting it from us. We deliver what we promise, and ensure you have access to the Cleanest Air around the year. On average, our clients recommend 5 more potential customers - the reason we don’t have a Sales team.

See the live AQI at YOGa’s office

Our Team

mukesh - Chairman
Prof Mukesh Khare
sachin- CEO
Sachin Panwar
Shashi - Director
Dr. Shashi Ranjan
deepak - Co-Founder
Deepak Raina
debayan - Alternate Director
Debayan Saha
Gaurav - CFO
Gaurav Nagar
rahul - IAQ Head
Rahul Sehrawat
Rajdeep - Associate Operations
Rajdeep Singh
Jasmine - Associate Operations
Jasmine Kaur
Sagar - Associate
Sagar Sameer
Prasanta -J unior Accountant
Prasanta Swain
Manish - Field Executive
Devender - Field Executive
Devender Kumar
Santosh - Field Executive
Santosh Patel
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