Making AIR great again

Modern architecture has a big flaw. There’s no proper Ventilation in most buildings, including our Homes and Offices.

Opening windows may not always be a viable solution due to outside pollution levels. Due to this, the polluted air stays trapped inside, making it more harmful for you to breathe Indoor than outdoors.

Introducing YOGa Clean Air Bubble, a combination of traditional ventilation and modern filtration science that creates a Clean Air Bubble in any Indoor space.

With YOGa, you get your own Clean Air Bubble, ensuring consistent Air quality throughout your Indoor space, with WHO-recommended levels of PM2.5 and CO2 levels in every corner.

YOGa Clean Air Bubbles
around you

From your Home to your Children’s school, we help you breathe the Cleanest Air possible, in addition to your Office, Car, and even in Hospitals


Our homes are supposed to be safe havens but the indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. YOGa Clean Air Bubble eliminates PM 2.5 and dilutes CO2 from the air, making it the perfect solution for a healthy and comfortable home environment for you to thrive.


Safe for children and elderly.

Uniform WHO Air Quality levels in every room.

Helps you stay Active and Fresh throughout the day.



We spend most of our day’s hours at our workspace but what we don’t realize is that office spaces have high levels of PM 2.5 and CO2 . Our custom solutions eliminate these harmful particles completely from the air and make it perfect for you to work at your highest level of productivity.

Stay Productive and Fresh throughout the day with low CO2

Work from your office with the lowest PM 2.5 exposure.

Minimizes the risk of Air-borne infections like COVID-19.


If you have school-going children, it is essential to know that due to poor ventilation, the CO2 levels in an average Classroom can spike up to 5,000 ppm which results in suffocation and drowsiness. YOGa fixes this by keeping the CO2 below 1000 ppm to keep your children active and healthy at all times.


Helps rejuvenate children's Lungs in low PM 2.5 environment.

Prevents drowsiness and fatigue in children during classes.

Boosts Cognitive Development by minimizing CO2



While exercising in a gym, your heart rate increases to gain more oxygen. However, on the other hand, exhaling by breathing can cause hazardous CO2 levels which result in heart attacks while working out. Our product reduces CO2 to a safe limit of 1000 ppm within minutes.

Workout longer without exhaustion in a low CO2 environment.

Dilutes the foul smell from GYM mats & Equipments.

Experience working out in Himalayan like Air quality.


Maintaining Clean air in hospitals is essential to ensure the well-being of patients and staff. Our patented technology controls air quality throughout the entire hospital, minimizing the risk of airborne infections, thereby providing a safe and healthy environment for patients to recover and health specialists to work in.


Minimizes the risk of air-borne infections for everyone.

Improves patient recovery time with clean, fresh, and safe air.

Dilutes the VOCs buildup in every facility.



Car Interiors contain pollutants from traffic, emissions, and outside air, causing health risks to you. In addition to this, car interiors release VOCs when the sun's rays hit them. Our Car Air Sanitizer reduces PM 2.5 and CO2 levels to a safe limit within minutes, ensuring that you are breathing healthy, clean air, and driving in a comfortable environment with friends and family.

Dilutes VOCs buildup by Car Interior and microbes.

Minimizes the risk of air-borne infections for everyone.

Gives you WHO level Air quality inside your Car in 2 mins.

Ready to breathe the cleanest air in the world?

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